Saturday, August 7, 2010

Filet Crochet - White Mesh Vest

This one's my all-time favorite (also mentioned in my other blog). I actually worked this pattern thrice - in different colors. Some have asked me for the pattern several times (I don't mind sharing, bcoz I would never have this Jacket if Vrinda aunty had not shared this with me) but unfortunately, this one's a kind of crochet where you need to go by the instructions down to the T.

Unlike the Catherine Wheel pattern which had just 5 rows of instructions, in this one, each row is unique and the instructions are quite lengthy. That's when I created the below graph to make it simpler.


  • The jacket starts from the Top Left corner (marked an arrow).
  • Plz ignore the border edging done around the vest, that's done after finishing the vest. The border edging does not include the lower scalloped shape.
  • Follow the diagram vertically starting from top left.
  • The stitches used are the basic Chain, Single Crochet, Double Crochet & Treble Crochet
  • To begin, ch 51. DC in 4th ch from hook, work 1 dc each in next 2 dc. Ch 6, skip 6 ch. sc in each of next 5 ch. Ch 6...
  • Please refer diagram for complete instructions.
  • The mesh pattern is worked with a gap of 2 ch.
  • For the long stitch that appears as a line from the center of the flowers is worked in Treble Crochet.
  • To create the steps like lower edging, add 6 ch, work dc in 4th ch, followed by dc in 5th & 6th ch.
  • To begin the part around armholes, add chain, count 3ch per cell (as per diagram).
  • Edging is worked in 3 rows of SC.
  • The front edges may be either stitched together or buttons could be added.
Also, in the diagram ignore the part marked in red - that creates extra long arm holes.
I know, these instructions may not help much, but I hope the diagram lays a framework to create a similar jacket.

This jacket would require around 150 grams of wool.


  1. This is amazing Shilpa! I love how the motif is used as edging, it really brings it out beautifully! Very clear chart - I know how tricky it is to draw one.

  2. Its really nice Shilpa..Even I want to learn this from you..:)

  3. Hi Shilpa..thanks for the beautiful vest pattern.
    Would you happen to have this in written words.
    I can read charts but sometimes have problems..and the written words help me.



  4. Having trouble with reading chart. Are there written instructions?

  5. What size hook/yarn did you use?

  6. I used 6mm crochet hook and 4ply wool.


  7. What size do your pattern instructions fit? Measurements perhaps.

  8. Love this top but having trouble reading graph as can't figure out how to enlarge to read any advice thank you


  9. I had a Crochet Today [?] magazine in the 70s with this lovely pattern in it which I made a number of times. Through the years I lost it somehow and have been looking for it for years. I was so happy to find this here.

  10. Does anyone have the written version of this pattern please? I have a problem reading the graph due to an eye problem. Years ago I made this beautiful vest and would love to do it again.

  11. Linda, I have the written pattern. I'll have to search for it. I'll add another post and update once I dig it out, which should be soon.

    1. Thank you very much. You are an angel. I look forward to your post to have this pattern once again

    2. Plz check the latest post with the pattern in it ( Thanks!