Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catherine Wheel Stitch in Wool & some talk about Threads

Back again to writing about Catherine Wheel Stitch. Please note, it was worked in thread for the Crochet Coin Purse. The effect will look different with wool. I have some old pics, clicked after the bag turned old :( (Never thought much about clicking snaps, until I realized those things are getting old).

There's one more pic with a closeup. But by then the bag was so old, that I had to click a snap of the reverse side of the bag's flap.

That's what I don't like about working with wool - it doesn't last long enough and so I switched to using thread instead.

But I am still on the lookout for good thread. If anyone comes across thread as thick as wool (slightly thinner is okay), please, let me know.

I really regret taking months at times and finishing a crochet work, which looks dull in no time. In fact, the very day it's completed I start feeling it looks dull. But with thread crochet, it's more like eyes beware, plus wait for many more months before the work completes.

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